Service objective

increase the level of transparency and competitiveness in the Saudi labor market through various performance indicators related to the quality of the work environment

Localization quality index

The Localization quality index is based on five specific criteria, including Saudization rate, Saudization of female Employees rate, High wage employees, Employee Sustainability and Average salary of Saudi employees.

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Employees Satisfaction Index

The Employees Satisfaction Index is a survey that enables all Saudi and non-Saudi employees at the private sector to evaluate their companies to enhance the competition in the labor market, improve the performance of employers with their employees, increase transparency, listen to the employee’s considerations and improve the existing transactions between all parties.

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2030 vision

Labor Market Index aims to keep pace with the vision of the Kingdom 2030 to achieve transparency and competitiveness in the Saudi labor market and monitor its performance through several indicators related to the work environment and other criteria.

Service Goals

The service aims to improve the quality of the work environment by enabling establishments and individuals in the private sector to see several indicators that touch the quality of the work environment in the Saudi labor market


Increasing transparency among private sector establishments in the labor market


Aims to raise the competitiveness of private sector enterprises


Provide proposed solutions to support and improve labor market indicators


Give enterprises the chance to improve their personal indicators