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Employees Satisfaction Index

The Employees Satisfaction Index is a survey that enables all Saudi and non-Saudi employees at the private sector to evaluate their companies to enhance the competition in the labor market, improve the performance of employers with their employees, increase transparency, listen to the employee’s considerations and improve the existing transactions between all parties.

How does the Employees Satisfaction Index work?


The system will send a link through SMS/Email to the employee.

Survey system

02. Employee

The employee should fill the survey and submit it anonymously.

Survey employee

03. Employer

The Employer will be able to view reports about his evaluation through the system.

Survey employer

Service Features

Macbook survey

Providing basic and detailed reports for the employers.

Employees' feedback

Direct communication to the employees regarding their opinions and satisfaction about the work experience.

Comparison between companies

The Employers and employees can be able to view the results of their work environment compared to the others through the system.